Mision ISOC 2

ISOCPR is the Puerto Rico Chapter of the Internet Society. Created in the United States in 1992, the Internet Society is a non-profit entity dedicated to safeguarding the best interests of the Internet as well as stimulate its use throughout the globe.

Among the priorities of the Internet Society include: open development of standards, protocols, and administration of the Internet’s technical infrastructure and also education of countries under development. The organization is comprised of independent users, businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities.

Recognizing the need for leadership in the areas of public policy, technical standards as well as social and economic development of the Internet in Puerto Rico, a group of entrepreneurs, professionals, educators and artists united to establish a Puerto Rico Chapter of the Internet Society.

The formation of the Internet Society of Puerto Rico responds to our need for representation in international forums which set forth the rules of the Internet world. Observing the Internet as a medium that has maintained sustained growth and with more than 1 million local users navigating daily; it is imperative that we provide a voice for Puerto Rico on a global level and demonstrate our vision to the active Internet global community.

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